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Ello there.

Okay then, this is the official Valentines Day Museslash Fic Gift Exchange Thing post.   I hope we have a lot of participants, mostly I hope that everyone just has fun with it. :)

Comments will be screened on this entry.  I’ll leave prompting open until next Thursday, January 15th.   I’ll gather the prompts and you will receive an LJ message with your assigned prompt soon thereafter.

Here’s a template for what you need to include in your comment:

Pairing You Are Requesting:

AU or Non-AU:

Pairings you are comfortable writing in return:




Anything else:

Here’s a quick example:

Pairing You Are Requesting:  Matt/Dom

AU or Non-AU:  Either one!

Pairings you are comfortable writing in return:  Only Matt/Dom, sorry!

Prompt:  Dom’s Valentine’s Day gift to Matthew is something unique, especially since it has four furry feet and meows.  Shame he had no idea that Matthew is terrified of cats.

Likes:  Fluff, banter, smut.

Dislikes:  Angst, hard drama.

Anything else:  Thank you!

...or something like that haha.  Instead of having every fic due to be posted on February 14th, I think what we will do is allow them to be posted anytime from February 14th - February 28th.  This will give everyone plenty of time to get their gift fic written.  This is a selfish decision on my part, but I would like to be able to participate too, and the week of Valentine’s Day is the busiest of my year at work, so extending the date will be helpful for me.  Plus, I don’t want this to be stressful on anyone, and sometimes real life gets in the way, which is precisely why Snowpremacy didn’t happen this year.

Anyway, thank you for reading and if you have any questions feel free to include them in your comment or send me a PM here on LJ.

Take good care,


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