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Title:  Icarus (1/10)

Author: [ profile] millionstar

Pairing:  Matthew/Dominic - AU

Rating:  This chapter, PG

Here you’ll find:  Fic-wide warnings:  language, smut, angst, substance abuse, secondary character death, homophobia.

Beta/Support: [ profile] dolce_piccante + others! <3 Special thanks to a long list of people who have read bits of this fic over the last year and been so encouraging. I am afraid to list everyone because I don't trust my brain and I am terrified I will leave someone out. Just know I appreciate you, so much. <3

Summary:  America, 1964.  A young pilot named Dominic is waiting for his chance to touch the stars.

Disclaimer:  I don’t own Muse members, no profit is being made, and every word of this is complete fiction.  The NAA is a fictional organization, based incredibly loosely on the NASA of the same time period.  I don’t claim to have in depth knowledge of rocket science or engineering so creative license has been taken.

Author’s Note:  I decided to go ahead and start posting, seeing as how I have most of this ready.  Not sure how often I will update, but I’d like to say every two weeks.  If you choose to give this a chance, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I hope you enjoy.

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