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Title: A Fuzzy Fucking...Sequel
Author: [ profile] millionstar
Pairing: Belldom, Non-AU
Rating: PG (some language, implied sexuality)
Summary: Just a drabble in response to the pics of them in their ski gear last week. Spiritual sequel to A Fuzzy Fucking...Thing
Beta: [ profile] dolce_piccante <3
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, no profit is being made and this is complete fiction.
Author's Note: If you choose to read, thank you. Thanks to [ profile] mercury973 for letting me bounce the title off her.

"You're awake! Finally!"


"What's that?"


"Yeah, Dom?"

"What time is it?"

"I don't know. Like six in the morning or something."

"Six in the morning."

"Possibly five. I don't know, I'm not, like, a scientist."



"I see."

"So are you gonna get up?"



"No, Matt. I'm not gonna get up. Instead, we're gonna play a little game."

"Ooh, is it a dirty game?"

" No, Matthew. It's a game called 'Dom's gonna ask you a series of questions', so pay close attention, okay?"

"Got it."

"Why are you awake at this ungodly hour?"

"I thought we could get a bit of skiing in this morning before we have to leave."



"You do remember that you have an injured toe, yes?"

"Well duh, Dom."

"Did you apply your famous Bellamy logic to come to the decision that skiing would be a good idea?"

"I've no idea what you're implying. My logic is flawless."


"I think I can actually hear you rolling your eyes at me."

"Jesus Christ."

"Nope, just me. I am rather godlike though, so your confusion is understandable."

"Okay, okay. Secondly, why are you sitting on my lap, naked, when I'm trying to sleep."

"I'm not naked."

"I'm sorry, why are you sitting on my lap wearing only your fuzzy hat and boot combination when I'm trying to sleep?"

"Because I look amazing in these. Did you see those pictures of me onstage from today? A. Maz. Ing. Your days as the fashion icon in the band are numbered, my friend."

"Is that so, fuckface?"

"You heard me."

"I'm shaking in my boxers."

"I'm just saying. Be scared, Dom. Be very scared. And, you always sleep naked."

"You are ridiculous on so many levels."

"Get up so we can hit the slopes, you fucker."

"Come back to bed."

"You said come."


"You're not getting up, Dom."



"Let me be very, very clear. The only thing I'm gonna be hitting in the next few hours before we leave is your arse, a huge breakfast, and if there's time, your arse again. You can't ski for shit, and I'm not about to let you get hurt."

"Fuck you, I beat you when we had that skiing race once, remember?"

"That was when we played the skiing game on the Wii, Matt."

"Yes! It totally counts."

"Are you stoned?"

"No. I'm high."


"Yes. I'm high on life, Dom."

"... you don't say."

"I'm serious. It must be all this clean mountain air or something, I don't know. I feel invigorated, y'know?"


"Yeah! At one with nature, y'know? Cleansed."

"It sounds like you had an enema."

"Don't make fun, Dom. What am I gonna have to do to make you get out of this bed?"

"Take a guess."

"Is sex all you think about?"

"Don't blame me, you're the one bragging about feeling invigorated. Expel some of that energy by blowing me and maybe I'll ski the bunny slope with you. Once."

"Can I keep the fuzzy hat on?"

"You'd better."
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